U-Needle ‘Safe and Sharp’ project 2016

U-Needle management has initiated a Quality and Safety project involving all U-Needle employees. External advice was sought from a specialised consultancy. Results: An elaborated SEQH (Safety, Environment, Quality and Health) system and full awareness of the importance of this system within the U-Needle team. The project was financially supported by the European Social Fund.

Research on vaccination 2016

U-Needle recently started usability- and efficacy studies in co-operation with UMC Sint Radboud, Nijmegen. The research concerns an accurate and user-friendly method of administering a certain vaccine in the dermal tissue.

Manufacturing scale up 2015-2017

Together with Besi Austria and iX-factory Germany, U-Needle started a co-operation, developing mass-manufacturing capability of a CE marked microneedle device.

This programme being is supported by
the EU under the Eurostars programme.