Product development 2016

Since the start in 2008, U-Needle has been focussed on bringing an atom-sharp, accurate and user-friendly microneedle device to the market place.

After having achieved a microneedle technology freeze, the focus of the company has shifted towards developing applications for different intended uses.

Microneedle devices are now under development for a number of intradermal applications.

U-Needle IP FTO 2016

U-Needle currently researches its freedom to operate for IP, generated from 2011 onwards. Outcome of the project will be an operational patent strategy, valuable for several intradermal applications. This project has the support of OP-oost.

Research on vaccination 2016

U-Needle recently started usability- and efficacy studies in co-operation with UMC Sint Radboud, Nijmegen.

The research concerns an accurate and user-friendly method of administering a certain vaccine in the dermal tissue.

Manufacturing scale up 2015-2017

Together with Besi Austria and iX-factory Germany, U-Needle started a co-operation, developing mass-manufacturing capability of a CE marked microneedle device.

This programme being is supported by
the EU under the Eurostars programme.