acts as partnering supplier to its customers.
U-needle has several industrial partners for whom it develops dedicated micro-needle solutions.

We do this in long-lasting contract collaborations, in which in vitro and in vivo micro-needle developments take place and where in-depth knowledge on product applications is developed and tested.

Our Business Model

is centered around our proprietary micro-needle technology. The micro-needle patents cover the needle geometry, the silicon micro machining process, as well as the assembly solutions in plastic.

We grant exclusivity to our clients in their field of business during the development and supply of our products.

New opportunities

U-Needle has alliances with leading pharmaceutical and device developing companies whit whom it develops micro-needle devices for specific fields of use. U-Needles also currently runs several research programmes with companies and research institutes. U-Needle welcomes opportunities where our technology can enhance the delivery of injectables in application areas such as biologics, vaccines, small molecules delivery or liquid sampling and monitoring and others..