The Intradermic Needle

U-Needle develops intradermic needles, proprietary hollow-microneedles applied in various user-friendly intradermal injection devices for vaccination, immuno-oncology, diabetes therapies and aesthetics.

Intradermal delivery facilitates effective immuno-activation, fast therapy onset and reduced dose in pharmaceutical injectables. Perpendicular injection with our very short silicon needles provides full control of injection depth and reduced needle fear for the patient.

Bella-mu, our first intradermic, CE marked needle, is available for use in your clinical studies.

As a good micro-needle does not necessarily make a good device, we believe that a smart design of the ‘micro-needle head’ is crucial for a reliable, user-friendly and distinguished end product.

U-Needle has excellent capabilities in-house for developing tailor-made micro-needle devices that facilitate a reliable and easy skin penetration and drug delivery at the desired depth. Our current products are fitted with a female Luer lock connector, but other designs are also possible.